About Us


At Regeneration, we constantly strive to help our customers feel at home within our store. Our mission is to satisfy our new and faithful shoppers with consistency, friendliness, integrity, and affordable fashion.

Melanie and Nicole met just before the millennium in Boulder, Colorado. They became fast friends bonding over what to do for stinky summertime feet. In case you’re wondering, the magic solution is spray deodorant. Nicole moved from CO in 2002, the two friends stayed in touch. Five years down the road, Nicole began to put a bug in Melanie’s ear about opening a resale store. Though Melanie was intrigued and very interested in the idea, she wasn’t quite ready to leave the Rocky Mountains. Eventually, after a stagnant and particularly cold winter, Melanie decided to make the move to MI. The girls began to construct their ideas long distance, spending hours on the phone making lists, and deciding what to name their “baby”; thus Regeneration was born September 15th, 2007, which incidentally is between Melanie and Nicole’s birthdays.

On April 30th, 2011, Regeneration opened a second location in Clawson.