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About Nicole



Brief History

I grew up in Farmington Hills and attended Mercy High School. I created some of my best friendships through grade school and High school that helped to make me who I am and continue to do so till this day. I decided to “run away” to college at the University of Colorado in Boulder, where I graduated with a double degree in Anthropology and Environmental Studies. This process was one of the best I have had, and again, I created relationships with people who helped to create the person I am today, and continue to do so, one of which being Melanie Williams. After I graduated from college I refused to sit still and settle into “the real world” and traveled quite a bit and lived the life that I dreamed of, being a whitewater rafting guide, a snowboard instructor, and doing volunteer work abroad. I finally settled down back here, where I never thought I would end up, but realized that for me home is where the heart is. After a long battle trying to find a career in the environmental field, I found a job as an environmental consultant which I enjoyed for two years. After a short while I decided it just wasn’t quite for me and that I really needed to pursue my dream of opening my own resale store or to go back to school. It took me quite some time to make that decision, but it turns out that the one I made was right for me at the time, hence the birth of Regeneration! So here we are several years later with two stores that are thriving. It has been an incredible journey with ups and downs and I still sometimes wake up wondering how I got here, how I ended up so lucky. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that every person I meet affects my life and who I am. I try very hard to live every day as present as I can and to appreciate everything I encounter.  I have been so fortunate to have met and married the man of my dreams during the growth of the stores. It is amazing to be able to share the experience with someone who cares about their success as much as I do. Another one of the perks of being a business owner is being able to take three weeks off and get married on a secluded beach in Belize and follow it up with a honeymoon in Costa Rica! I am truly one lucky lady!

Favorite piece of clothing:

Picking a favorite piece of clothing for me is extremely difficult. I love all the ones I own, especially the ones I’ve acquired from my mother or grandmother. Since I have to pick one though, I would have to pick a dress I bought during college at a favorite resale store. It’s the perfect mix of vintage, disco, funky, sexy, and unique. I have worn it on a few special occasions and would never dream of giving it away. It’s difficult to describe, but it’s sheer, has long belled sleeves, it’s short, and it’s pleated, it’s a mix of beautiful bronzes, greens, and oranges and when I wear it I feel amazing!

Best store memory thus far:

My favorite store memory has to be our Pleasant Ridge Grand Opening. People were waiting outside the store before we opened, we had no idea how to work the register or what to expect. I was surrounded by my family and best of friends and the store was like a humming bee all day long! The anticipation and work leading up to that point was immense and it all unfolded so perfectly. Melanie and I spent several moments hugging, laughing, and crying in glee. By far this day was one of the best days of my life!

Five facts about me you probably don’t know (or maybe you do):

1. I’m a thrill seeker, give me a challenge and I will probably take you up on it.

2. Gardening is one of my great passions; I think it keeps me sane.

3. I would say that 80% of the movies I watch, I fall asleep during. I don’t know why, but just ask my husband or my mom.

4. I have found that the littlest things in life make me the happiest; the opening of a flower, a smile from a stranger, the smell of rain, coming home to a clean house, a trip to the recycling center.

5. I spent ten weeks living in a hut on a secluded beach in Mexico doing volunteer research on the health of coral reefs. There was no electricity and no running water (which means no flushing toilets). I showed up with the most luggage by far. It was probably the most humbling and one of the best experiences of my life thus far.


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