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I moved from FL to Boulder CO in 1995 to attend Naropa University. I graduated in 98′with a B.A. (double major) in Writing & Poetics, and Early Childhood Education. After a brief move to Albuquerque NM, I headed back to Boulder and eventually found my calling. I worked as the Assistant Director of an Adult Day Program which was primarily populated with seniors who had Alzheimer’s. The program uniquely blended history, creativity, love, and spirituality. My heart was touched every day I spent there. I think it’s important to try on more than one hat as far as careers go and thus felt very enthusiastic to shift gears and delve into the world of second hand clothes. My adoration for vintage/used garments began in early high school and I’ve trolled Salvation Army’s ever since. After the birth of Regeneration, I certainly get my fill of rifling through used clothing – which is still one of my favorite things to do!

Favorite piece of clothing:
I collect vintage hats, purses, slips, and Cure tee-shirts, these are my most coveted pieces. Though, my most favorite item of clothing is a coat that someone sold to us when we first opened the store. It’s the most dramatic, amazing garment I’ve ever laid eyes on. The coat is floor length and is an electric colored purple. In typical 60′s fashion, the coat boasts a bold flower and butterfly print. Just thinking about it gives me chills.

Best store memory thus far:
Other than our grand opening, which was one of the most stupendous experiences I’ve had to date, my cherished store memory happened on our two year anniversary, when one of our beloved customers, Dolores, gave Nicole and I matching silver open heart rings. What a sweet and sacred gift! Nicole and I hoped the store would be a comfortable place, where we would create friendships and connect with lovely people. It’s safe to say that we’ve achieved this goal. The fact that Dolores believes in us and Regeneration, and thoughtfully offered a symbol which means just that, is such beauteous gesture and has to be my most memorable.

Five facts about me you probably don’t know (or maybe you do)
1. I love to read out loud, and prefer an audience, though I don’t prefer to read things out loud that I’ve written.
2. I have reoccurring dreams that takes place in a high school setting, and in those dreams, I fail to remember till the very end of the semester that I’ve forgotten to go to one class. That class is always math.
3. Instead of drinking coffee, I use my coffee maker, which is really an iced tea maker to brew three Lipton family sized tea bags every morning. I typically drink the entire pot with lots of ice and sometimes lemon, daily.
4. I could play on-line scrabble and read books all day long, and I sometimes do.
5. I am rarely competitive, but most certainly am when it comes to thrift store shopping and playing scrabble.

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