Buy / Sell Guidelines


Buy Used Clothing - Regeneration Buy/Sell Guidelines

Pleasant Ridge BUY HOURS:
Mon/Wed/Fri 11 – 6

Clawson BUY HOURS:
Tuesday 11 – 6 & Sun 12 – 4

**Please note that occasionally we have to stop accepting new buys early if our wait exceeds the amount of time we are open. If you are planning on coming later in the day we recommend you call us first to make sure that we are still accepting new buys.**

We price items we believe will sell in our store and offer 30% of OUR retail value instantly in cash or 45% in store credit.

Sellers may also choose a combination of cash and trade.

What we look for:
• Current styles (Typically styles within the past 1-2 years)
• Vintage & select Retro fashions
• Maternity & Children’s Clothing (Clawson Location Only)
• Styles that sell well for us
• Items in great condition
• Clothing, Shoes, Purses/Wallets, Belts, Jewelry, Women’s and Men’s Accessories
• Seasonal pieces – We specifically choose clothing based on the current weather, and usually shift into the following season gradually. Please call if we are nearing the end of a season and you are unsure of what we are accepting.

You should know:
• Please only bring in 25 items per Buy Day. We include jewelry and accessories in this count.
• We look at your items on a first come first serve basis. This means you could have a 20 minute wait or a 3 hour wait! You are always welcome to leave your items but you must return to the store the same day you drop your items off.
• You may only sign up once per Buy Day.
• We always set aside any items we are interested in purchasing from you and are happy to show you what we did select and the price they will be sold for.
• Sometimes the items we wish to buy from you are in one of our bags, so don’t be alarmed if the bag we show you is not yours…the items inside of it will be.
• If you leave the store, our policy is that you MUST return on the same day to pick up any leftover clothing and to choose the cash, trade or coupon.
• We will not hold your items overnight. If you do not return the same day, any items we are not purchasing from you will be donated to the Capuchin Soup Kitchen.
• We often make “bring back” piles if there are items we would like for you to bring in at a later date or different season.
• On occasion, if a seller brings in an extremely expensive item, we may decide to consign the piece – this means the seller will get 50% of the agreed price when the item sells. This is not typical and roughly 1% of our inventory is on consignment.
• Please keep in mind we have to select clothing that sells well for us. We must also consider our current inventory and sometimes have to pass on items if we are too full in a certain area.

*Sometimes people don’t want to take back clothing we didn’t select for the store. If that’s the case, you can leave it for donation. The Capuchin Soup Kitchen picks up from us every Thursday morning. Unfortunately, we can’t offer you a tax receipt and if you prefer to have one, we can recommend local charities where you can take your clothes.

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