Buy Day FAQs

What are your Buy Days and Times?
Pleasant Ridge Buy Days are Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays from 11 am- 6 pm.
Clawson Buy Days are Tuesdays 11 am-6 pm and Sundays 12 pm- 4 pm.

Can I make an appointment?

YES.  See information here

What are the amounts I receive for my items?
We offer you a percentage of the total amount we will sell your items for in our store in either cash, store credit (trade) or a combination of cash and store credit (trade). You can take either 30% in cash or 45% in store credit.

Why can I only bring in 25 items at a time?
This helps us keep our inventory maintained and allows us to work with multiple sellers.  By limiting the amount we look through we are also able to keep our wait times to a more reasonable time frame.

If I drop off my items on a Buy Day can I pick them up the next day?
Unfortunately no. We can not be held responsible for items left over night. If you do not return for your items the same day you bring them in any items we do not wish to purchase from you will be donated to the Capuchin Soup Kitchen.

If I sell in Clawson can I use my store credit coupon in Pleasant Ridge?
Yes! Coupons are accepted at either store locations. This also applies to return coupons issued at one location.  That coupon can then be used at the other store location.

I brought my items to the Clawson location.  Can I bring the items you didn’t take to Pleasant Ridge to see if you’ll buy them there?
Please don’t bring items we passed on in one location to the other location. We are the same buy team and purchase with the same guidelines at both locations. An exception would be if you brought maternity/children’s items to Pleasant Ridge.  We would ask you to bring those items to Clawson on the next Buy Day.

Who do you donate items to if I decide to leave them?
Every Thursday the Capuchin Soup Kitchen comes to both stores and collects donated items. If you don’t wish to take any of your items back we can donate them for you to the Capuchin Soup Kitchen! However, tax laws prevent us from offering you a tax receipt.

If I drop off my items can someone else come back to pick up my items?
Yes. Please make sure that the person knows what name you gave us when you signed up and remembers to take your leftover items. They will have to provide a driver’s license or your address if they are collecting money or a coupon for you.

Why do I have to checkout with my slip at the register if I just want the trade amount to use later?
We use our register to validate your coupon and account for the inventory you provided to us on that day. If your slip was not validated by one of our employees at the register and you try to use it on another day, we will see it’s not a validated slip and may refuse it as tender.

Why do I have to provide an ID to receive my cash/store credit (trade)?
We need to be able to provide the information of people we are paying out regardless of whether it is cash or store credit.

I have children/maternity clothing to sell. Can I bring them to Pleasant Ridge?
We only accept children’s clothing and maternity wear at the Clawson location.

I came in on a Non-Buy Day…can I leave my items overnight for you to look at on the next Buy Day?
Sorry but no. We cannot be held responsible for items you leave overnight.

I sold clothes 2 days ago and took the store credit amount. I changed my mind. Can I come back and get cash instead?
Sorry but once a Buy Day has ended there is no way to go back and change your decision. Remember we can always hold your slip at the register until you decide whether you would like to take cash, store credit or both.

Can I call you for a quote on an item I would like to sell?
Sorry but we don’t give quotes over the phone. Seeing the actual item is extremely important for our store. There are so many factors that can go into what we can offer you for a particular item.

I have a fur coat/higher end item I would like to consign.  What are my options?
We do offer consignment on very select pieces. We work together on coming up with a price to sell the item at, offering you 50% of the item’s selling price once the item sells. Typically, if your item has not sold within 30 days we will call you to ask if you wish to reduce the price of the item or ask you to come and pick your item up. Please keep in mind we very rarely put items on consignment.

Shopping FAQs

What is the Return Policy?
On your receipt you will see that items purchased within the past 7 days may be returned to the location they were purchased for store credit only. You must provide the receipt and the item must still have the tags attached. We cannot allow returns on consignment items, sale items, or items that received a markdown.

I bought an item at the Clawson location. Can I return the item at the Pleasant Ridge location?
Sorry but you must return an item to the location you bought it at. You are more than welcome to use your return coupon at either location once a return is completed.

What do the dates and different colors mean on the tags?
A tag with a red stamp that says “SALE” will be offered a percentage off depending on what week of the month our Progressive Sale is currently at.

How does your Progressive Sale work?
Items marked with a red “SALE” stamp are offered at a percentage off depending on what week of the month it is. The first week of the month items are 20% off. The second week of the month items are 40% off. The third week of the month items are 60% off. The last week of the month items are $1.00 Please visit our Progressive Sale section for more info and the exact percentage off items are currently being offered.

I lost my coupon. What do I do?
No, unfortunately not. You must treat your coupon like you would cash.

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